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Sobienie Królewskie Golf Course is a unique project. Thanks to the use of the sand substrate, we have created a place that guarantees great playing conditions. Designers Ford Golf Design Group, working on each element of the field, drew inspiration from well-known golf courses from the British Isles.

The designers’ main intention was to create the illusion of a mature field from the moment it was opened. Specific vegetation, precisely created roughs and water obstacles mean that a determined and careful player will be rewarded, while inattentive and ruthlessly will fall into the traps set by the designers.

Playing on the field is, above all, a pleasure for every player – experienced as well as beginner. Beginner golfers can use professional advice. And all this is about 30 km from Warsaw.


Description of the Golf Course

In Sobienie Królewskie, players will find large rustic bunkers and impressive terrain formations inspired by traditional golf courses. Thanks to the undulating terrain, the game will be extremely interesting.

At the golf course in Sobienie Królewskie you will not find straight lines. Pine, birch and heather beautifying the landscape will give it a mature look and diversify its colors. The texture of the terrain and tall grasses (eg fescue) surrounding the field, will determine the route of the game, indicating the next goals for the players. Fairways covered with dense grass will clearly contrast with the surrounding area covered with natural vegetation. Greens with a soft cyst will require the player to strike. The slope of greens is not very demanding and will be ideal for those who prefer a bold style of play. Lakes’ obstacles will be a great strategic challenge, but their difficulty will not discourage players.

At the golf course in Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club, up to six types of tees have been designed. This will allow golfers at every level of advancement to enjoy the game. The field will have a friendly character. Playing at the picturesque golf course in Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club will be an experience full of exciting challenges and guaranteeing satisfaction.


Golf Course Plan – photo map

Photographic map of the golf course made on the basis of photos from the air.

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Golf Course Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour made from panoramic 360 photos from the ground and from the air.

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3D Model of the Golf Course

Photographic 3D model prepared on the basis of photos taken from the air.

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