For the sake of comfort, safety and quality of golf course operation, please read and strictly follow the rules below.

MARSHAL – a person whose mission is “that all golfers feel comfortable on the golf course, play at the right pace and enjoy the quality of the golf course”. Marshal directs the movement, speed of the game, reminds you about fixing pitch marks, divots and ripping bunkers, and its intention is to educate and take care of players’ comfort.

STARTER – the person responsible for starting the games at the appointed time, reminding about the basic rules included in the regulations of the golf course, providing information on pin positions and conditions prevailing in the field.


Each entry to the golf course and golf academy should be reported at the reception, after prior tee-time booking, both by Members and Club Guests.
The right to play in the field have people who are active members of the Club SKG & CC and Club Guests, who have a Handicap Card (HCP 36), who have read the field regulations and rules of safety in the field.
Persons with the Green Card have the right to play on the golf course only on weekdays, on weekends after noon. 15:00 or after obtaining the consent of the SKG & CC employee, after getting acquainted with the field regulations and safety rules in the field.
The start of the 10th tee is only possible after reporting at the Club Reception and obtaining permission from Marshal or Field Manager.
Club members of Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club and their guests have priority when booking a game on the golf course in relation to other people.
At weekends, between 09:00 and 11:00, the so-called Prime Time – priority time for club members. Guests in this period will not be able to book tee-times, but will be able to play in the case of free tee-time.
The rules of R & A golf and the rules of the golf etiquette apply to the SKG & CC.
Competitors are asked to place on the first tee a minimum of 5 minutes before the designated start time. Failure to appear at the set time is associated with the possibility of losing the round. The starter will allow the game to be played as soon as possible.
There is a golf outfit on the golf course.
The standard in SKG & CC is to connect players in groups of 4 people.

In order to speed up and facilitate the game, it is recommended to play from the following tee areas:
White tees – professionals and HCP below 5
Yellow Tee – HCP 5-30
Blue Tee – HCP 30-36
Red tee – Women and juniors under 12 years and HCP 36-54
Up to 4 players can play in one group. A single player has no priority on the golf course.
Each player is obliged to have his golf bag and pitchfork during the game. Marshal has the right to ask for a pitchforce at any time during the round.
If you do not have a valid green fee ticket, you will not be allowed to enter the golf course by the starter.

The round of golf on 18 holes should last a maximum of 4.5 hours or, in the case of 9 holes, a maximum of 2:15. On the results tab, there are maximum times for playing individual wells. If the time of playing the hole is exceeded, it is MANDATORY to pick up the ball and go to the next hole.
Marshal or an employee of SKG & CC has the right, after a previous attention, to remove from the golf course all those who do not repair divots, pitchmans, raid bunkers, do not have a valid green fee ticket, grossly break the golf label or do not follow point 2. general provisions of these regulations, without refund of the green fee ticket.
Avoid any delay in the game – slower players have the responsibility to pass the groups waiting behind them.
Players should pay attention to the safety of other players and greenkeepers working on the golf course.
Do not play before the players walking in front of us will not come to a distance that guarantees their safety.
Electric wheelchairs – you must navigate through paved paths. It is forbidden to drive into deep rough, sand dunes, puddles, to bunkers, to the tee and in the area of ​​10 meters from the edge of green and to green and passing between greenery and bunkers. Golf carts can only be used by adults.
The maximum rental time is 5.5h for 18 holes and 3h for 9 holes, and the cart should be returned immediately after the round ends. The trolley can move up to two people.
After completing hole 9 a maximum 5-minute break is planned in the clubhouse.


Buying a green fee ticket means getting acquainted with the field regulations and accepting the terms.
It is prohibited to:
trial assaults on tee damaging the grass;
introducing dogs;
throwing cigarette butts onto the grass;
ball games with driving range on the golf course (under penalty of PLN 1,000);
yellow ball games on the golf course (under penalty of PLN 500);
games on the golf course without a valid green fee ticket (under penalty of PLN 1,000);
one-player games with more than two balls per week and more than one ball on the weekend;
loud behavior, especially swearing that disturbs other players;
littering a golf course under pain of marshal being out of the field.
Employees of SKG & CC have the right to refuse admission or to expel people who are unable to play golf, drunk, improperly dressed or behaving inappropriately.
The management has the right to close the golf course due to weather conditions or for other important reasons.
If you buy a green fee and you do not want to play the round due to weather conditions (rain, wind), you will not be entitled to a green fee refund. A unique case is a thunderstorm – the player has the right to complete the round at any other time.
It is unacceptable to enter the field and training facilities in heavy boots with protector, high heels and without outerwear.
If you do not know how to act or what you should do, contact Marshal, Starter or other SKG & CC employee.
Balls lost by players are owned by a golf course – it is forbidden to deliberately collect and / or sell balls found on the SKG & CC facility.
It is forbidden to catch fish and swim in the ponds on the golf course.
It is forbidden to walk on the golf course – Club Guests can enter the field only with the permission of Marshall or Field Manager.
Let’s continue the culture and tradition, which for several hundred years makes golf a unique discipline.
Let us respect nature, let us be kind to ourselves, let us take care of the order, and leave the field behind us
the state in which we would like to find them at the next visit. Have a nice game!