Integration events at the Sobienie Królewskie hotel


Integration events at Sobienie Królewskie

Hotel Sobienie Królewskie, located in the Warsaw area, is the perfect place to organize all kinds of integration events and events. Rich facilities, a large selection of equipment and an event park allow for practically any chosen type of event or event. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Examples of indoor events:

  • Goldberg machine
  • Large Format Picture
  • Wine Casino
  • Wine tasting
  • Knife and Fork Fight
  • Kitchen Workshops
  • Chocolate workshops
  • Casino
  • Entertainment Zone
  • Tournament In Table Football
  • Lip Dub
  • Speed Archery
  • CQB
  • Stage Technology
  • Photobox
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Examples of outdoor events:

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Quads
  • Laser Tag
  • Operation Grom
  • Sobienie Recruit
  • In Searching for an Agent
  • Speed Archery
  • Escape Room
  • Olympic Games
  • Pimp My Ride
  • Happy Teambuilding
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Engineers
  • Alaska stop
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Examples of thematic integration nights:

  • Casino Corleone
  • Havana Night
  • Aloha Hawii
  • Wild Wild West
  • Great Gatsby
  • Hollywood
  • Disco 70
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Promo videos

Sobienie Recruit


Escape Room



Zobacz galerię zdjęć z imprez integracyjnych i eventów organizowanych w Sobieniach Królewskich.


Escape Room

Speed Archery

GROM Operation

Shooting range

Laser Tag

They trusted us

Opinions of our clients

“I would like to write it once again in writing, thank the whole team, for the exceptional commitment and the organization of all details !!
A beautiful place, prepared hotel to accommodate more guests we expected and it is still in comfortable conditions! Delicious food for all 3 days and a fantastic salad and cake setting on Carnaval! I am impressed by the commitment and family atmosphere that all of the Palace’s employees create. In particular, I want to distinguish the work of the lady, Mrs. Małgosia, because you have amazing organizational skills and ability to solve all challenges with a smile on your face, and the NO PROBLEM approach, which you can find when you are 18 years old and I organize events of various ranks and in different places !!!
THANK YOU, we received again more than we expected and I am delighted !!! “

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“Thank you for the perfect organization of our Christmas party!
Piotr – Thank you for understanding our needs at the stage of negotiations and for your professionalism and availability. Przemek – you are invaluable support in crisis situations! Mr Mariusz – thank you for a professionally organized dinner. Ms. Iwonko, thank you for the great organization of catering, smile and support! I would also like to thank the very friendly lady from the reception – unfortunately I do not remember her name. Her mastery and help certainly helped in the efficient check-in and check-out of guests. Thank you also for looking after the lost sheep and their things;))))))
I congratulate the chef on the perfect taste! The food was delicious!
Please give thanks to people whose e-mails I do not have and all who contributed to the fact that our party was so successful!
You are a great team that you can rely on in every crisis situation! “

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“I would like to thank you for the very good organization of the party. The food was delicious, alcohols in sufficient quantity, waiter service efficient. The hall – barn turned out to be a good choice.
The colleagues were very happy, they praised the great selection of the place.
I hope that in the future we will organize your next edition.”

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